Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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A unique, diversely skilled company, MetaRock Laboratories has been providing a range of Automated Integration Solutions, Testing Systems and Services since 1996. Our custom-designed products, built to simulate and withstand very high temperatures and pressures, service a high-value segment in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Geotechnical & Medical Industry.

While our initial drive was to be known at the forefront of the Geomechanics testing field, our strong commitment to staying ahead of the technology and innovation curve--as well as meeting clients' needs has allowed us to extend our portfolio to a wide array of technology and automation solutions.

On the strength of our cross industry experience, MetaRock Laboratories provides a wide range of consulting services in  areas of Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis, Custom Software Development and Automation.

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MetaRock has moved! MetaRock Laboratories has moved to a state of the art facility in the Energy Corridor of Houston. The Integrated Technology Center (ITC) provides a full service facility with a focus on geomechanics studies, core analysis, and product development as related to the oil and gas industry. Call or email today to schedule your personal tour


MetaRock will be at ARMA 2014 

Metarock is pleased to announce that we will be an exhibitor at ARMA 2014 in Minneapolis, MN, from June 1st to June 4th. Please stop by booth #13 to see our latest services and capabilities.


MetaRock was at 2010

We showcased our amazing automation and testing capabilities at booth# 9008. For information about our products and services email info@metarocklab.com.

MetaRock was at ARMA 2010

A proud exhibitor at the 44th annual ARMA Symposium 2010, MetaRock highlighted its expertise and refined capabilities in the Geomechanics realm.

Acoustics Velocity Endcaps

Improved acoustics velocity 
transducers to measure rock dynamic properties in any stress path (Uniax, Triax). This solution enhances arrival time picks and minimizes p-converted mode over the shear measurement. Fully automated data acquisition control is imbedded in the control software to acquire velocity data at any specified criteria (stress/strain).


10x improvement in Axial Strain Reading and Parentheses correction

To minimize platens corrections, an improved technique was implemented to zoom in the sample axial strain measurement and ignore the rest of the sample stack strain behavior. This technique minimized axial strain correction by a factor of 5 and demonstrated an excellent linear correlation between stress vs. strain in particular at the low stresses.


In-house Design and Fabrication of Internal Load Cell

Hydrostatic pressure and temperature effects on deviatoric stress measurement could be misleading. An improved internal load cell was constructed to better quantify deviatoric stress (SigmaD) measurement and minimize unnecessary effects.

New and Improved Cantilever Bridges.

Utilizing the strain gauges, wheatstone bridge, epoxy concepts an improved technique was developed to measure radial strain at high temperature (400⁰C). All necessary data is acquired real time to make the required pressure/temperature correction and display sample radial strain data real time. This measurement along with other measured variables is utilized to calculate static properties in real time.


Who We Are


     A diverse, multi-disciplined team, MetaRock Laboratories boasts of a high-caliber team of professionals with rich experience in a multitude of industries. Working on part or turnkey projects, MetaRock Laboratories takes pride in delivering high-quality consulting services that exceed client expectations. Click here to know more about our team.

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