• Uniaxial strain measurements are necessary to predict reservoir compaction and subsidence achieved by quantifying compaction coefficient 𝐶_𝑚 and pore volume compressibility〖 𝐶〗_𝑝.
  • The drained uniaxial pore volume compressibility (UPVC) is measured under zero radial strain condition (∆𝜀_𝑡=0) and constant overburden stress conditions.
  • To simulate reservoir depletion, the total axial effective stress is increased in discrete steps of 1000 psi at a rate of 0.5psi/sec to simulate reservoir compaction while monitoring the changes in confining stress, deviatoric stress, axial strain and ultrasonic velocities (Vp,Vs1,Vs2,Vp45).
  • It is often required to correlate the change in permeability as a function of depletion and reservoir compaction. High accuracy and low pressure pulsation MR-FlowQube pump and high accuracy digital pressure transducers allow estimation of the vertical and horizontal permeability during UPVC test.

Recommended Sample Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 1”     Length: 2”
  • Diameter: 1.5”     Length: 3”