Core Analysis – Routine Core Analysis and Special Core Analysis

The objective of Core Analysis is to measure core and fluid parameters to assist in efficient recovery of hydrocarbons. The goal is to reduce the uncertainty in reservoir evaluation by providing reservoir data that is representative of the reservoir at in-situ conditions.

Core Analysis Services

  • Core Preparation
  • Sidewall Core Analysis
  • Core Gamma; Total and Spectral
  • Core Photography; Visible reflected light or ultraviolet fluorescence
  • Permeability
  • Porosity
  • Grain Density
  • Fluid Saturation
  • Humidity drying
  • Critical point drying
  • Preparation of simulated formation brine (SFW)
  • Sample saturation
  • Permeability to liquid (ambient and at overburden)
  • Relative permeability – including HPHT with ISSM
  • Miscible flood cleaning
  • Wettability Determination
  • Porous plate capillary pressure (oil/brine, air/brine) ambient
  • Porous plate capillary pressure (oi/brine, air/brine) reservoir temperature/pressure
  • MICP (high pressure mercury injection 0-60,000psi)
  • Overburden Centrifuge Capillary Pressure
  • Formation Resistivity Factor (FRF) at ambient and reservoir temperature/ pressure
  • Formation Resistivity Index (RI) at ambient and reservoir temperature/ pressure
  • Co/Cw multiple salinity test
  • Unconventional Tight reservoir and shale analysis
  • Wettability Determination