Rock mechanics is used in many engineering disciplines, but primarily used in mining, civil, geotechnical, transportation, and Petroleum Engineering. HPHT rock mechanics testing system provides full solution and understanding of mechanical behavior of geological material by the response of applied forces.

With the extensive experience in: building testing apparatus, pressure vessels, pressure generators, data acquisition software and equipment, implementation, and being the source of a complete systems integration solution the system provides wide range of research grade testing capabilities. The system modular design with high precision high accuracy in-vessel instrumentation axial, radial, force sensors along with unique ultrasonic velocities for high hydrostatic and axial loading condition provides wide range of testing capabilities.

Being at forefront of the geomechanics testing side and our strong commitment to staying ahead of the technology and innovation curve as well as meet clients’ needs, we have designed a wide array of technology and automation testing solutions to conduct experiments at reservoir temperature and pressure conditions.

With full understanding of wide range of geological formations, the system delivers research grade testing solutions for soft sandstones to high strength brittle material. This includes integrated sophisticated adaptive motion control tools, high accuracy high resolution data acquisition technology, temperature control, heater design, customized software to acquire, store, display data and effectively manage any stress path required.

This complete system consists of:

  • Integrated safety shutdown mechanisms
  • Servo controlled stiff frame to minimum energy stored during test and report accurate modulus and strain values. Axial loads up to 200,000lbs
  • Pressure vessel 20,000psi
  • Pressure Generators (axial, confining and pore pressure pumps)
  • Electrical feed through connectors for axial, circumferential deformation, load measurement devices or other special transducers such as acoustics measurements
  • Accepts sample diameters up to 4” with a length of 2 times the diameter
  • In-vessel instrumentation
  • Axial, radial strains boundary condition
  • Internal differential axial stress
  • Hydrostatic confining pressure
  • Compressional (P) , 2 orthogonal Shear (S1,S2), and 45° Acoustic Transducers Propagate @1Mhz
  • Pore pressure and flow rates for vertical & Horizontal SS Permeability determination
  • Temperature up to 450C
  • A rackmount control system housing:
  • Digital displays
  • Custom-built PC
  • Measurement Instrumentation
  • Acoustic electronics and oscilloscope
  • Open software architecture to servo of any measured or calculated variable. This provides any stress path loading (Triax, Uniax, IsoStatic)
  • Real time data acquisition, process control software, graphical user interface analysis tools

Rack Mounted Control System

Our rackmount is a full turnkey instrumentation rack with acoustic velocity system for acquiring P and S waveforms. The unit is standalone, enclosed and includes:

  • Pulse generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • 16-channel switch matrix
  • Signal conditioners
  • Multimeter
  • Monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse
  • UPS backup battery
  • Power strip
  • Custom MetaRock software
  • This system is fully customizable