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Geological consulting offers many services to maximize production and aid in the development of future oil and gas production. From outlining methodology to use to minimize formation damage and maximize the reservoir’s productive potential to field evaluation to optimize the development of reservoirs. With the experience and expertise to manage the collection, integration, and interpretation of data it can be applied to  best suite our client’s needs.


Petrographic and Geological Evaluation Services

  • Regional and field studies

  • Comparative well/formation studies

  • Formation Sensitivity Evaluation

  • Formation Damage Evaluation

  • Assessment on the controls on reservoir quality

  • Calibrated log evaluation

  • Integration of analytical data to characterized rock properties

  • Analysis of reservoir layering in light of modern sequence stratigraphic concepts

  • Petrophysical (well log) analysis

  • Stratigraphic modeling and isoproperties mapping

  • Volumetric analysis

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