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The purpose of Petrology is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the reservoir. Thin section, X‑ray and SEM analysis of rock samples are used to determine petrophysical properties of the rock. These properties include mineral content, clay types, morphology and distribution of minerals within the rock.  Pore level attributes are examined to include pore types and distribution of pores within the rock

Petrology & Geological Services

Objectives of Petrographic Analysis 

  • Understanding the performance potential of the reservoir

  • Determination of the rock’s pore level attributes by characterizing the pore system to include the definition of the primary, secondary, and micro porosity.

  • Define the types, amounts, and distribution of clays present

  • Identification and detailed description of the various “rock types” present over the intervals of interest to help characterize variabilities in performance and recovery efficiency

  • Define factors that may affect wireline log response for improved log interpretation and understanding of fluid distribution

  • Define controls on reservoir quality and how these factors related to the spatial distribution of reservoir quality rock

  • Understand attributes of the formation that may cause sensitivities to drilling, completions and stimulation strategies

  • Outline methodology to use to minimize formation damage and maximize the reservoir’s productive potential

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