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Core Analysis

Routine Core Analysis and Special Core Analysis

The objective of core analysis is to measure core and fluid parameters to assist in efficient recovery of hydrocarbons. The goal is to reduce the uncertainty in reservoir evaluation by providing reservoir data that is representative of the reservoir at in-situ conditions.


Petrology & Geological Services

The purpose of Petrology is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the reservoir. Thin section, X‑ray and SEM analysis of rock samples are used to determine petrophysical properties of the rock. These properties include mineral content, clay types, morphology and distribution of minerals within the rock.  Pore level attributes are examined to include pore types and distribution of pores within the rock.

Robotic Lab Assistant

Rock Mechanics

From exploration to well abandonment, improving understanding of geomechanics adds value by mitigating risk while improving ROI. MetaRock Laboratories, with its state-of-the art systems and experienced staff, offers laboratory measurement of geomechanical parameters to address challenges encountered in a wide range of play types and geography. Results of the measurements are ready for integration with log and field data to provide customized geomechanics solution

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