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The objective of core analysis is to measure core and fluid parameters to assist in efficient recovery of hydrocarbons. The goal is to reduce the uncertainty in the reservoir evaluation by providing reservoir data that is representative of the reservoir at in-situ conditions. 

At MetaRock Laboratories, we have years of experience in conducting Routine Core Analysis. In other words, conducting measurements on core plugs or whole core such as porosity, grain density, permeability, and fluid saturation determination. From core storage, core photography, to sample drilling, we take extremely care when it comes to core preparation and handling as the core is a good representation of the reservoir.

For sample drilling, we have a unique press that allows to drill different types of rocks. This press also applies hydrostatic stress to the core while drilling, that combined with the in-house capability to apply hydrostatic stress, allow us to increase plugging success rate. These two techniques are handy specially when it comes to drilling shale plugs that part along the bedding and laminations easily.


  • Core Preparation

  • Rotary Sidewall Core Analysis

  • Core Gamma; Total and Spectral

  • Core Photography; Visible reflected light or ultraviolet fluorescence

  • Permeability

  • Porosity

  • Grain Density

  • Saturations

  • Humidity drying

  • Critical point drying

Routine Core Analysis (RCA)

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