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Log Analysis and Interpretation

Our team of geoscience experts provides integrated log interpretation services by combining state-of-the art laboratory measurements and log measurements from the field for accurate description of reservoir rock properties.  We provide a suite of Geomechanical solutions for a wide range of assets including Unconventionals, Conventionals, Mature plays etc. to help the clients make cost effective and informed decisions.


To help gain insight into reservoir characteristics and behavior, we offer following Interpretation Solutions, calibrated at every step using the state of the art Rock Mechanics Testing Lab.

  1. 3-D Stress Profile

  2. Pore Pressure Prediction

  3. Rock Strength

  4. Wellbore Stability

We integrate all available data and our interpretation solutions to provide comprehensive geomechanical solutions. Our focused solutions help address reservoir challenges that arise during Drilling, Completions and Production.

Listed below are our Geomechanical Solutions:

  • Wellbore Stability Analysis

  • Hydraulic Fracture Simulation / Stimulation Design

  • Compaction/Subsidence Analysis

log analysis.png
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