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Compressional Testing – Single Stage/Multistage Triaxial Testing

Compressional Testing – Single Stage/Multistage Triaxial Testing



  • Compressional testing of rock samples drilled at chosen orientation (perpendicular, parallel or at other inclinations with respect to bedding) allows estimation of compressive strength, residual strength and mechanical properties from measured stress-strain data while simultaneously measured acoustic velocity provides dynamic mechanical properties. The acoustic measurements are performed throughout the duration of the test. 

  • The results can be utilized for multiple analyses starting from simple rock characterization to construction of failure envelope, elastic anisotropy characterization, insitu stress modeling, wellbore stability analysis, hydraulic fracture design among other studies. 

  • Tests can be performed using total or effective stress conditions. 

  • Confining pressure cycling prior to triaxial loading allows estimation of bulk modulus under isostatic loading whereas load/unload cycles during triaxial loading provides mechanical property at simulated reservoir condition. 

  • Combination of static (measured) and dynamic (from acoustics) data provides insight into insitu stress estimates. 

  • High temperature testing can be performed in addition to ambient temperature testing. 

  • Compressional testing can be paired with simultaneous porosity or permeability measurement capabilities for integrated experimental program design. 

  • Single stage or multistage triaxial testing can be performed based on program needs. 



Recommended Sample Dimensions: 


  • Diameter:1”  |  Length:2” 

  • Diameter:1.5”  |  Length:3” 


Standard testing capability: 


  • Load Press Capacity: 50,000 lbs 

  • Confining Pressure Rating: 15000 psi 


Full Core testing available on request 

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