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Core Spectral Gamma Logger

Core Spectral Gamma Logger



The MR-CSGL100 Core Spectral Gamma Logger measures the radiation emitted from the core material while passing through the tunnel in the form of counts and converted into ppm. The natural gamma radiation of the core is monitored and recorded as a function of depth for correlation with downhole logs. The amplitude of the output from the gamma-ray sensor is proportional to the energy of the incident gamma-ray. This information is used to measure the proportion of the total gamma radiation coming from each of potassium-40, the uranium-radium series, and the thorium series for a specific formation.  

The core emitted Gamma ray are very hard to reach to the detector directly. NaI detector is used to detect and collect the Gamma rays from the source and lead is used to get the better peaks.  


This complete system consists of: 


  • Belt Length: 9 feet  

  • Belt Width: 5.18 inch  

  • Motor: Linear Precision Servo Mechanical Response  

  • Gamma Ray Detector: NaI crystal (3 × 3) inch  

  • Dimension: (108 × 30) inch 

  • Real time Monitoring: MRL Software 

  • Core diameter:  up to 6 inch 

  • Calibration Standard: Uranium, Thorium and Potassium   

  • Shield: Custom Lead shield to avoid outside interference. 

  • Power Supply: 230 V AC 50/60 Hz Single Phase 

  • Calibration Check: To detect the surrounding effect 

  • Scan Capacity: 15 m – 20 m scan/day 


The system can provide:


  • Real-Time Spectral Gamma Ray Logs
  • Total Gamma
  • Uranium
  • Thorium 
  • Potassium  
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