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Flow Qube Pump

Flow Qube Pump



The Flow Qube is a programmable precision fluid flow pump. The pump is designed with the flexibility and versatility to meet a variety of industry needs. The unit is capable of operating in a continuous injection or constant pressure mode.


Mechanically, the syringe pump is driven via stepper motor and precision ball screw. It has a

60mm stroke and is available in three resolutions. The pump can be coupled with a variety of valves and syringes up to 2,000psi working pressure, as well as PC board selections, to meet specific needs.


Our Flow Qube pumps are designed as stand-alone product or can be integrated with your testing system(s) for ultimate versatility.


Technical Specifications:


  • 60mm Stroke
  • 3-8 Distribution Valves
  • Syringe sizes available from .1cc – 50cc
  • Can be tested up to 2000psi pressure at 4cc per minute
  • Utilizes RS232 Communication
  • Input/output voltage: 110 V AC
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