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Approximately 20% to 40% of crude oil is extracted during primary and secondary recovery. That is why we used other techniques that will allow to recover more oil from the reservoirs. These techniques encompass in what we called enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Fluids and EOR studies aim at improved reservoir characterization via providing recovery potential of the well and caprock integrity, and ultimately evaluate the economics of the development of the well.  Methods such as cyclic injection, thermal recovery, and chemical injection are the most common categories of EOR used in the industry.  MetaRock provides laboratory testing to effectively characterize recovery efficiency at near in-situ reservoir conditions using cyclic gas huff and puff recovery mechanism. Our EOR experts will help you come up with an optimum laboratory testing program for validating your EOR models and evaluate the problems you are having in your fields. 




  • The system is built in order to quantify oil recovery and composition as a function of cyclic gas injection. 

  • They system was designed to quantify oil recovery for low permeability rocks (in the low nanodarcy range). 

  • Experiment run at near in-situ conditions using intact plug samples. 

  • Fluids (gas and oil) are collected for further analysis (such as oil and gas composition characterization). 


Recommended Sample Dimensions: 


  • Length: 0.5”   

  • Diameter: 1” 

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