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HPHT Testing

HPHT Testing



  • Operating in deepwater and heavy oil reservoirs, ultra-deep onshore reservoirs and geothermal energy extraction involves additional risk of elevated temperature and pressure. 

  • Any engineering design/modeling in such environment requires measurement of strength, mechanical and petrophysical properties at elevated temperature, to replicate the conditions in situ. 

  • MetaRock Laboratories perform high pressure-high temperature (HPHT) measurement, with typical measurement including thermal expansion, mechanical property, rock strength, resistivity and acoustic velocity. 




  • Max. allowable temperature: 450°C 
  • Thermal expansion: up to 200°C 
  • Max. allowable confining/pore pressure: 15,000 psi. 
  • Max. axial load: 250,000 lbs. 
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