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I-SW Apparatus

I-SW Apparatus


The I-Sw apparatus is an automated system designed for determining the Resistivity index by pressure equilibrium or constant injection method.  The system allows for direct resistivity measurement across the core sample under in-situ conditions while injecting oil or bine at rates as low as 1.4E-5 CC/min. The core holder and pumps confining, injection and return are placed in an incubator for isothermal conditions (40°C). The core holder is designed for 1”OD x2” & 1.5” OD x3” samples for confining pressure up to 10,000 psi. The I-Sw system is built to meet R&D standards and is a completely automated testing apparatus.


This complete system consists of:

  • Incubator up to 50°C for maintaining isothermal conditions
  • ASME Core holder 10,000 Psi @150°C for 1.0” and 1.5” samples
  • All Hastelloy wetted components and Peek lines for electrical isolation.
  • High precision 30CC Stainless Steel positive displacement Pumps 10,000 Psi (Confining and Pore)
  • High precision 30CC Titanium positive displacement Pumps 10,000 Psi (Pore)
  • LCR meter for direct resistivity measurements
  • Electrical Feedthroughs for direct resistivity measurement across the core sample
  • Real time data acquisition, process control software, graphical user interface analysis tools
  • MRL custom software for up to 3 months automated testing
  • Integrated safety shutdown mechanisms
  • CE Certified system.
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