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Load Cell

Load Cell



A Load Cell is defined as a transducer that converts an input mechanical force into an electrical output signal. Designed for high accuracy utilizing one of the most advanced technologies in the Sensor Industry: Metal foil strain gauge technology.


Technical Specs:


  • Safe Overload 150% of FS
  • Zero Balance 5.0% FS
  • Max. Excitation 15V AC or DC
  • Non-Linearity <0.05% FS
  • Thermal Zero Shift <0.002% R.O./F°
  • Compensated Temp 70-482°F
  • Operating Temp -65-200°F
  • Insulation Res. >1000 Megohms (50VDC)
  • Combined Error <1.0% FS
  • Non-Repeatability <0.02% of R.O.
  • Input Res. 350 ohms Nominal
  • Output Res. 350 ohms Nominal
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