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Membrane Potential System

Membrane Potential System



The Membrane Potential system is designed to measure potential difference (∆U or emf) in millivolts between high and low salinity in shale sands at ambient temperature. This technique determines the value of cation exchange capacity per unit pore volume (Qv) by using clay material in sample as a membrane in an electrochemical cell. System includes a quick load core holder with confining pressure up to 1,500psi for 1’’ OD samples with peek endcaps for electrical isolation. The reservoirs’ height is adjustable to ensure no diffusion between high and low salinity brines which is critical to measure liquid/liquid junction potential (U0).


This complete system consists of:


  • ASME Core holder 1500psi for 1.0” OD sample
  • Brine reservoirs (high and low salinity)
  • Silver electrode rods (Ag-AgCl)
  • Electrometer for voltage reading
  • Confining hand pump
  • Magnetic stirrer for silver electrodes preparation  
  • MRL custom software for automated data acquisition and recording
  • CE Certified system
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