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Mud Skid

Mud Skid


The SPYDR / MetaRock Mud Skid Unit (MSU) is a fully automated fluids measurement system that provides real time mud measurements for 5 key mud properties at temperature as a standard:

  • Viscosity / rheology parameters for non-Newtonian fluids (600/300/200/100/6/3 rpm readings, PV & YP of Bingham Plastic; n, K and τo values of YPL fluid; gels).
  • Real-time friction factor (f).
  • Critical Reynold's number (Recritical, transition from laminar to turbulent flow).
  • Density (pressurized).
  • Oil/water ratio for non-aqueous fluids (OBM & SBM).
  • Temperature control up to 250°F
  • Integration with EDR system (OPC, WITSML, MODBUS etc.)
  • Automated self-cleaning
  • Remote support and calibration
  • Remote operational and health monitoring
  • User-friendly operations & minimal maintenance


Technical benefits of real time mud measurements:

  • RT diagnosis of adverse mud properties and mud contamination events such as excessive LGS loading, brine/oil kicks, over-/under-treatment of the mud with chemicals.
  • RT drilling optimization by optimizing pressure drops across bits and motors, optimizing HSI at the bit, etc.
  • RT mud weight / ECD / drilling margin management, by allowing accurate hydraulic simulations of ECD within the drilling margin based on real-time fluid input parameters.
  • RT input in MPD control systems, allowing more accurate hydraulics modeling and associated MPD control.
  • RT avoidance of mud-related non-productive time (NPT) and trouble costs associated with lost circulation, hole cleaning and pack-off problems, and other fluids-related issues.
  • Eliminating HSE concerns with manual measurements, eliminating high-pressure/high-temperature manual testing, working in a slippery environment, etc.


Operation savings and value creation:

  • Savings on avoidance of unnecessary / excess chemical mud treatment and dilution.
  • Efficiency gain with ROP increase from improved hydraulics.
  • Efficiency gain from fluids-related non-productive time (NPT) and trouble cost avoidance.
  • Efficiency gain from novel ways of working for the mud engineer.


Optional Features:

  • API/HPHT filtrate loss
  • Solids content (LGS & HGS)
  • Chlorides, invert salinity
  • Other sensors (pH, conductivity & emulsion stability)
  • RT Hydraulics / ECD modeling (SPYDR real-time hydraulics software)
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