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Standard industry permeameters typically provide you with results ranging from 0.001 to 30,000 millidarcy, however due to limitations within instrumentation resolution and accuracy, the rate for error grow higher for results at or lower than 0.001 millidarcy. Fortunately, our Steady State Permeameter, the SSK-300, is designed to overcome the challenges associated with quantifying low permeability measurements and avoiding major pitfalls.


Technical Specifications:


  • Full PID Auto Tuning Temperature Controllers with bright LCD displays to enable maximum resolution and accuracy for Upstream and Downstream Pressure Measurements
  • Equipped with Four Mass Flow Controllers  which allow the user to select the Proper Resolution based on Sensed Permeability Value
  • Oven-Enclosed Core Holder to allow for Constant Temperature for Test Duration
  • Compatibility with any Testing System, including, but not limited to, High Temperature, High Pressure, and Compaction Cell
  • Short Circuit, Overload, Over-Voltage and Over-Temperature Protection
  • Internal Flashcard equipped with Power Failure Protection and Global Wear-Leveling Algorithms

    Built-in internal CPU to maximize Lab Space

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