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PoroPerm System

PoroPerm System



Our Modular Stressed PoroPerm System is built to meet your production or research facility needs and can used to perform the following based on system options chosen:

  • Miscible flow through sample cleaning
  • Vacuum saturation
  • Absolute liquid permeability
  • Direct pore volume measurement allows for determination of porosity
  • AC Resistance measurement @ 1kHz allows for determination of Ro, F, & m
  • Desaturation using porous plates
  • Axial strain as a function of stress
  • Radial strain as a function of stress
  • Qv determination by Co/Cw method


The standard system consists of:


  • Integrated safety shutdown mechanisms
  • 4 Quick load hydraulically balanced true isostatic core holders
  • 1 x continuous flow dual pump system for permeability measurement
  • .02% accuracy pressure transducers (1 x 0-10 psi and 1 x 0-100 psi) for permeability measurement
  • 2 x auto refill pumps for solvent cleaning (1 for solvent “A” and 1 for solvent “B”)
  • 1 x air powered confining pressure generator with confining oil reservoir
  • Saturation glassware
  • Vacuum pump with digital display
  • Ambient temperature standard (optional elevated temperature system available)
  • A rackmount control system housing:
    • Keyboard monitor, and mouse
    • PC with Windows 10
    • DAC system
    • Measurement Instrumentation
  • Real time data acquisition, process control software, graphical user interface with analysis tools


Standard system specifications:


  • Operating Temperature – Ambient
  • Confining Pressure – up to 10,000 psi
  • Pore Pressure – up to 100 psi
  • 1” D x 2.25” L or 1.5” D x 3.25” L sample capability dependent upon core holder size chosen


Customization and options:


The PoroPerm system is modular and can be increased from 4 to 8 or 12 cells. Only the base 4 cell unit comes with the rackmount DAC system, confining, permeability, and solvent cleaning pumps. The additional 4 cell modular units provide vessels, plumbing, and sensors only but can be customized at your request.


Available options:


  • Recirculating temperature control system includes:
    • Recirculating heater
    • Individual flow jackets for each vessel
    • 10 C – 80 C operating temperature capability
  • 4 cell standard expansion modules with
    • Core holders for either 1” D x 2.25” L or 1.5” D x 3.25” L samples
  • Axial strain LVDTs for real time measurement of sample length
  • Internal radial strain transducers for real time measurement of sample diameter
  • Automated confining pressure control system
  • 2500 psi pore pressure capability (up to 9500 psi if requested)
  • .008% accuracy pressure transducers for permeability measurements
  • Multiple pressure transducer ranges available
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