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Helium Porosimeter

Helium Porosimeter



Porosity is a fundamental parameter in calculations of volumetric oil in place, as well as predicting flow rates in given reservoir zones. It is used in scale-up models, leading to estimates used in treatment facility design. The PDP-300® porosimeter is an automated system designed to measure a sample’s grain volume and calculate its porosity, grain density, and bulk density in a few simple steps.



Technical Specifications:


  • 200 PSIA Digital Pressure Transducer with +/- .02 % Full Scale Accuracy
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Internal on-board PC and Data Acquisition minimizes Footprint and Cables
  • Helium Thermal Equilibration Chamber
  • 0.5 Micron Filtration of incoming Helium with a 0.5 Micron Unit fitted between the Matrix Cup and Valves
  • Low Maintenance Metal Seal Diaphragm Valves, surface mounted for easy access
  • Advanced PC-based Data Acquisition and Control Software calculates real time Grain Volume, Grain Density, Pore Volume, and Porosity
  • Three Internal Reference Volumes
  • External Pressure Port for stressed PV Measurements (optional external type core-holder)
  • Matrix Cups and Calibration Billets to run 1" diameter x 3" length and 1.5" diameter x 3" length Samples
  • Shipping and Installation

  • System Training and Maintenance

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