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Porosity is a basic petrophysical measurement for any project in the Oil & Gas industry. The MetaRock Helium Porosimeter is a precision instrument used to accurately determine the grain volume of porous materials via the helium expansion method. Sample properties such as grain volume, grain density, bulk volume, bulk density, pore volume, and unstressed porosity are automatically calculated and recorded when the sample length, diameter, and weight are input into the advanced data acquisition and control software. Measured bulk volume following Archimedes principle can also be input into the software to determine grain volume and all measurements mentioned before. 


Our advanced design incorporates thermal control to minimize temperature effects, multiple gas calibration ability, and robust long life metal diaphragm valves with exceptionally low leakage rates minimize errors and reduces downtime. 

The MetaRock Helium Porosimeter is available in both a standard laboratory grade for production work, and as a research grade unit for measurement of difficult samples such as shales and tight gas sands where the absolute highest precision is required. 




• 200 PSIA digital pressure transducer with +/- .02 % full scale accuracy 

• Fully automated operation  

• Internal on-board PC and data acquisition minimizes footprint and cables 

• Helium thermal equilibration chamber 

• 0.5 micron filtration of incoming helium with a 0.5 micron unit fitted between the matrix cup and valves  

• Low maintenance metal seal diaphragm valves, surface mounted for easy access  

• Advanced PC-based data acquisition and control software calculates real time grain volume, grain density, pore volume, and porosity 

• All calibration values are recorded in each file with the raw data for each test  

• Custom MetaRock Laboratories, Inc. software 

• Three internal reference volumes  

• External pressure port for stressed PV measurements (optional external type core-holder) 

• Matrix cups and calibration billets to run 1" diameter x 2" length and 1.5" diameter x 3" length samples. Other customized size matrix cups are available upon client’s request.  

• Vacuum ports available

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