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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels



Our top quality triaxial pressure vessel is specifically designed for GeoMechanics Testing. This product enables in-situ condition simulation (stress, temperature, pore fluid pressure) as well as study of the stress train behavior in any stress path (Uniaxal, Triaxial, Isostatic, etc.).


Technical Specifications:


  • Lateral Confining Pressures up to 30,000psi
  • Axial Loads ranging from 50,000lbs to 300,000lbs
  • Upper Platen provided with a Spherical Seat to Compensate for Specimens with non-parallel ends
  • Accepts Sample Diameters up to 4” with a Length of 2 Times the Diameter
  • Electrical Feed through Connectors for Axial, Circumferential Deformation, Load Measurement Devices  or other Special Transducers such as Acoustic Measurements
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