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Proppant Embedment

Proppant Embedment



  • Knowledge of possibility and extent of proppant embedment is critical for optimizing completion design. 

  • Proppant embedment is impacted by insitu stress, strength and stiffness of rock present in fracture face. 

  • Proppant embedment study can be conducted with layer(s) of proppant on fracture face with fracture aligned perpendicular or parallel to the plug axis, with or without evaluating change in fracture conductivity. 

  • Fracture face can be either saw-cut or created via direct shear test. 

  • Stress path comprises of isostatic, triaxial loading or customized to mimic the field development/production scenario. 

  • Proppant embedment can be documented by digital photography or taken from microscope. 


Recommended Sample Dimensions: 


  • Length: 2” or 3” 

  • Diameter: 1” or 1.5” 

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