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Core DNA

Core DNA



CoreDNA provides continuous, high-resolution, depth-matched core-based measurements of geomechanical and petrophyscial properties that can be used as data sources for reservoir characterization early in the reservoir development life cycle. For this service, we have an alliance of many years with Epslog SA.


CoreDNA non-destructive measurements have a minimal foot-print and reduce material alteration to a minimum, thereby preserving the possibility of any other subsequent measurement on the same core material. CoreDNA is a rapid and non-destructive test sequence that provides multidisciplinary data for enhanced core analysis processes.


The measurement can be performed on freshly retrieved as well as preserved cores –but also on whole/slabbed/sidewall material.




  • Rock strength (UCS)
  • Ultrasonic Vp and Vs
  • High and ultra-high resolution core photo
  • Permeability index
  • Elemental composition (XRF)
  • Laser profilometry (grain-size index and grain distribution)
  • Sedimentological description

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