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Stressed Mercury System

Stressed Mercury System



Our Integrated MICP System is built to meet your research facility standards. Our system is a completely automated testing apparatus capable of performing the following tests:

  • Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure
  • Porosity Measurement


This complete system consists of:

  • Integrated safety shutdown mechanisms
  • Pressure vessel 30,000 psi
  • Pressure Generators (confining and pore injection pressure pumps)
  • Nano-resolution pressure transducers
  • Vacuum pump
  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Accepts sample diameters up to 1.5” with a length of 2 times the diameter
  • Hydrostatic confining pressure
  • Pore pressure
  • A rackmount control system housing:
  • Custom-built PC
  • Measurement Instrumentation
  • Open software
  • Real time data acquisition

  • Process control software

  • Graphical user interface analysis tools

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