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Thermal Expansion Testing

Thermal Expansion Testing



This test is useful for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Geotechnical & Civil Industry. For example, it is useful for examining the thermal response of rocks in high temperature reservoirs and mining and civil projects for determining the thermal expansion coefficient for cement samples. The objective of this test is to determine the thermal expansion coefficient. The thermal expansion coefficient is material property, which is indication of extension (axial) and expansion (radial) as a change in temperature based on the assumption that change in length is proportional to the change in temperature.

In this test the sample is subjected to confining pressure and differential stress as real time axial and radial deformation are measured as temperature increases.




  • Maximum temperature the experiment can go up to is 250 ºC
  • Axial and volumetric thermal coefficient are measured and reported
  • High technology instrumentation (axial and radial strains and load cell) that can withstand high temperatures
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