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Thick Wall Cylinder (TWC) Test

Thick Wall Cylinder (TWC) Test



  • Incremental costs associated with sand production remains to be a challenge for hydrocarbon producers in unconsolidated/poorly consolidated/weak intergranular cementation reservoir rock.  

  • The incremental costs include managing produced sand, damage to surface facilities, field equipment corrosion, reduction in productivity, and in some cases, plugging of the wellbore.  

  • Analytical/numerical models are available to analyze the geomechanics of sand production; the models can be verified by thick wall cylinder (TWC) collapse test, using a sample bored along the axis to replicate a wellbore/perforation cavity. 

  • The sample may/ may not be saturated with brine/oil (mimicking pore fluid). The sample is subjected to gradually increasing isostatic stress till the sample collapses, and the collapse strength is recorded.  

  • In a modified version, the experimental setup is equipped with a load cell monitoring the amount of sand being produced real time and permits detecting the onset of sanding. 


Recommended Sample Dimensions: 


  • Length: 3” Diameter: 1.5” 

  • Length: 2” Diameter: 1” 

  • For both the sizes, the ratio between OD to ID is 3:1.  

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