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Toluene-Nitrogen Relative Perm Cells

Toluene-Nitrogen Relative Perm Cells



Our Relative Permeability System for Tight Samples is built to meet your research facility needs. Our system is an isothermal testing apparatus capable of performing the following tests at elevated temperatures and pressures: 

  • Absolute gas permeability 

  • High pressure liquid saturation at stress 

  • Absolute liquid permeability 

  • Gas (N2) / liquid (toluene) relative permeability 

  • Direct pore volume changes as a function of confining pressure 

  • Sample bulk resistance and resistivity 


The basic system consists of: 


  • Integrated safety shutdown mechanisms 

  • Hydraulically balanced isostatic quick load core holder for 1” x 2.25” samples  

  • 1 x high precision confining pressure pump with 0.02% accuracy pressure transducer 

  • 1 x high precision toluene injection pump with 0.02% accuracy pressure transducer 

  • 1 x high precision nitrogen injection pump with 0.02% accuracy pressure transducer 

  • 1 x 0.02% accuracy pressure transducer for sample outlet pressure 

  • 1 x high stability incubator style oven 

  • 1 x rackmount Windows 10 PC 

  • 1 x rackmount LCR meter 

  • 1 x monitor, Keyboard, and mouse 

  • Flexible operating software allowing full operator control of system 

  • Real time data acquisition, process control software, and graphical user interface analysis tools 

Standard system specifications: 

  • Operating Temperature – Ambient to 85 C 

  • Confining Pressure – up to 10,000 psi 

  • Pore Pressure –2500 psi 

  • 1” D x 2.25” L or 1.5” D x 3.25” L sample capability dependent upon core holder size chosen  


Our Relative Permeability System for Tight Samples can be tailored to meet your specific research and testing needs. If you don’t see what you want in the available options below, please contact us to discuss your needs. 


Available options: 


  • Automated confining pressure control system 

  • Up to 9500 psi pore pressure capability 

  • .008% accuracy pressure transducers 

  • Multiple pressure transducer ranges 

  • Additional core holder in alternate sample size 


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