Our portfolio includes a wide array of technology and automation solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Petrophysical properties measurement, i.e. rock mechanics, permeability, and other SCAL services, and its accompanied data
  • Creation of Data Acquisition Software and Equipment, Implementation, and providing a Complete Systems Integration Solution
  • Rare Capability in Acoustics Testing
  • Wide range of consulting services in areas of Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis, Custom Software Development and Automation

MetaRock has nearly 25 years of experience in providing services and solutions to the oil and gas industry, focusing on the development of unconventional studies and reservoir development.

We are unique in the industry being that we have developed great knowledge and expertise by working and collaborating with major Oil & Gas companies for nearly 25 years. We also manufacture our own testing equipment allowing for intense quality assurance from the product build to the utilization for testing. For all our testing equipment, and for various projects, we develop our own automation software, decreasing the need for extensive manpower, eliminating user error, and increasing efficiency.