The MetaRock Autosampler (MRAS) is an automated high-performance sample collection solution suited for a wide variety of applications. The MRAS is controlled through an intuitive and user-friendly PC- based software application, while also allowing for use in a simple time-based manual mode.

Standard wetted materials are as follows:

  • The MRAS utilizes pneumatic actuators and low voltage DC controls to minimize associated risks with the collection of flammable or combustible fluids and gases
  • The MRAS consists of a 24 position rotor controlled by a precision indexing pneumatic actuator with a non-accumulating error of +/- 0.1 degree per 15 degree step
  • Pneumatically actuated dual-needle probe to penetrate the septum sealed sample vial. The dual needle probe design provides a means for continuous measurement of gas production rates and volumes when connected to external measurement devices such as the MRL Flow Qube syringe pumps or Thermal Mass Flow Meters
  • Flow lines comprise of 316 stainless steel
  • The MRAS utilizes glass for collection vials which ensure compatibility with a variety of fluids

  • Up to 24 sample vials can be loaded at any given time,
  • Filled sample vials can be quickly and easily replaced with empty ones at any time allowing for an unlimited number of samples to be taken
  • Standard calibrated sample vials are available in 10ml and 25ml sizes; however, custom sizes can be provided for customer specifications as needed